Spy vs Spy

Spy vs. Spy is a wordless black and white comic strip that has been published in MAD magazine since 1961. It was created by Antonio Prohias, a Cuban national who fled to the United States in 1960 days before Fidel Castro took over the Cuban free press. The comic features two spies, Black and White, who are constantly warring against each other, and coming up with increasingly sophisticated ways of doing away with the other.

They are made to look virtually identical: trilby hats, overcoats and long pointed noses (possibly plague doctor outfits). The only difference between them are the color of their clothes: one dresses in white, the other in black.

A typical plot would be one spy setting up a booby trap for the other to fall into and die. Sometimes the trap works, but sometimes the other spy comes up with a brilliant counter plan of his own and will be the final winner. In other cases, the losing spy will use a plan B to counter the other spy's counter. Frequently, the winning spy celebrates his victory with a V sign gesture toward the loser. Some of the early cartoons published in 1961 had both spies coming up with the same plan to trap the other, the result being a draw. But these were the exception rather than the rule and most of the time one antagonist would beat the other.

The main characters make a cameo appearance in "Fresh From the Oven", Green Bob Pranks Geo Guy. Then Geo Guy chokes Green Bob. Then the The Black and White Spy Came up to ask them.

The black one was voiced by Geo G.

The white one was voiced by Jon Ranft.