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Minions, released in Japan as Minions Party Madness (ミニオンパーティー狂気 Minionpātī kyōki), is a party game, the first installment in the Minions series and the spin-off to the Geo Adventure game series and the Geoshea game series (although "Balls" nor Geoshea Games, Co. didn't developed the game). It was released for the PlayStation in North America on April 24, 1999, in Europe on June 9, 1999, and in Japan on August 13, 1999. It was developed by Blitz Games. Initially meant to be published by Universal Interactive Studios, they dropped the title and gave it to Sony Computer Entertainment America. It was re-released for the four different best seller versions, the Sony Greatest Hits and Best for Family line-ups in 2000; the Platinum Range in 2001; and the PSone Books line-up in 2004. The game was re-released as a downloadable game via the PlayStation Network in 2007.

SCEA released a platform game, Minions Adventure, in 2000, a sequel to the game, Minions 2, in 2003, and released the fourth game in the series, Minions THREE! in 2005. The fifth game in the series, 128 Minions was released in 2008, though only released in Japan. A sixth game, The Minion Waker, was released in 2011. A seventh game, Minions Go Move was released in 2013 only for the PlayStation 3 (which requires PlayStation Move).


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The idea for Minions was conceived in August 1996 by Mark Cerny, the president of Universal Interactive Studios (Vivendi Games), and Eric Guillon. After the release of Crash Bandicoot. In March 1997, Interactive Studios (now Blitz Games) joined Universal Interactive Studios to develop Minions. It was originally going to be a platform game, but it was changed into a party game instead. Universal Interactive was set to publish the game, but they dropped the title and give it to Sony Computer Entertainment on December 3, 1997.

The game was first revealed at E3 1998. The full motion video footage had scenes seen in later trailers and commercials for the game, but never used. This includes minions looking at the screen, but suddenly another minion bumps over the screen. A newer version of the game, more closely related to the final version, was later revealed at E3 1999.


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