"Green Bob VS. 3 Ballerinas Dancers" is the second episode from season 2 of Geo's World. It was originally aired on April 11, 1990.


Green Bob is going to fight the 3 Ballerinas Dancers, 7 People are Help, Green Bob can jump on the Bomb, Geo Guy is watching TV after he watch it. Green Bob come to visit to do a Knock Knock Joke.


  • The plot of the episode is similar to the 1988 film, Die Hard.
  • The plot was also based on Bobby's World - A Visit to Aunt Ruth's.
  • This is the first time Geo Guy is watching TV.
  • The episode seems to remaked the 1997 film Geo's 1st Movie, with more characters like Bobby, Little Guy, Geo Guy, and more characters. The friends need to save Geo Guy's parents from Blossom and her bad guys.


  • When the police asked Green Bob that he save the people, then he began to sing a song then the yellow circle appears on his hat.
  • When Green Bob take the rope and swings and exploding the bomb, his face gets brighter.
  • When Geo Guy gets mad, he said "Be back until next time, folks! and see the credits of the Film!", "Green Bob VS. 3 Ballerinas Dancers" is NOT a film.
Season 2

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