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"Geo Guy's Midnight Sleep" is the very first episode in Season 1 of Geo's World. This episode aired on October 28, 1989.


Geo Guy is awakened by Doctor's loud radio.


The episode begins with Geo Guy sleeping. Several minutes later, he is awakened by a loud radio in Doctor's room. Geo Guy tells him to turn it off, but he refuses. This makes Geo Guy angry, and he sends Bart Simpson to destroy the radio with a shotgun.

Geo Guy is able to go back to sleep, but is later awakened again by another loud song. He finds Doctor listening to a new radio after the last one was shot. A thunderstorm causes the power to go out, and the radio stops working. Geo Guy goes back to bed again.


ABC was very nervous about the show because they were unsure that they could sustain the audience's attention for the duration of the episode. In the end, they gambled by asking ABC for 13 full-length episodes. The series was originally planned to premiere in the fall of 1988, but due to major problems with the animation of "Geo Guy VS. Greeny Phatom" (the first Geo's World episode produced), the series instead began on October 28, 1989 with this episode. "Geo Guy VS. Greeny Phatom" instead aired as the season finale.


This episode was released on VHS by Walt Disney Home Video on December 13, 1991 as a part of "Geo's World: The Best! Volume 1", along with "Geo Guy VS. Greeny Phatom" and "Reading Windows Errors". It was later released on VHS and DVD by Columbia TriStar Home Video in Geo Guy Hates The Loud Sound! in 2000, and then eventually released in 2000 in the season 1/4 boxset by Disney DVD.

Season 1

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