Hello, I'm Geo Guy. The King of 123 Geo's World
―Geo Guy's catchphrase

George "Geo Guy" GoGo Conner, better known as Geo Guy, (originally Neo Guy), is the main protagonist of Geo's World. he is leader of the trio consisting of him, Green Bob ,and Dr. Beanson. He is 13-years-old and was born on November 29, 1986[2]. He is Green Bob's best friend and Dr. Beanson's cousin. Like Dr. Beanson, Geo Guy often enjoys a good scheme. He also lives in Greeny City. Geo Guy is also a massive fan of Chip from Punic Circle. He is voiced by Geo G., and his voice in Japanese is Sachi Matsumoto.


Geo Guy is a really good boy. but, he is not a naughty kid like Eric Cartman from South Park, but he's like Bart Simpson from The Simpsons.
Geo G.

Geo Guy is very much a troublemaker, often plotting various schemes ranging from small things like earning a bit of cash to his various attempts to overthrow the school system. However, Geo Guy always stops his plans whenever they end up actually hurting someone or when he realizes he's going too far. Despite this however, he is known as a very loyal friend and many of the other characters enjoy being around him. And he oftens has harmless or good intentions to his various schemes.


Geo Guy is a pale, white boy with huge, blue eyes. Like other characters, his legs are black and stick-like. However, his arms are often depicted as white like the rest of his body and less stick-like.


Character Development

American version


The result of Geo Guy, while waiting in Terry Ward's office.

The first conceptions of Geo Guy date back to 1964, while waiting in the lobby of producer Terry Ward's office. Geo had been working on a character design of Geo Guy.

The character, dubbed "Neo Guy" was to be announced in May 1967. "Neo Guy" was originally planned to a stickfigure, but Geo G later redesigned the character. By the end of 1969, Geo and Ward later changed his name to "Geo Guy" due to Geo liking the word "Geo".

Geo Guy was originally depicted as a young child, however he was later aged up to a boy in his early teens..[3]

In 1971, After the release of Geo Comic, Geo G. stated:

Geo Guy was a 13-year old boy who lives at 123 Geo's World. he was cool.
―Geo G.

Japanese version

In 1977, Geo G. first met Presutable Woard in Japan. He said to him he wanted to make a Japanese version of Geo Guy (ジオガイ).


Name Language Voice actor
Geo Guy English Geo G.
ジオガイ (Jiogai) Japanese Sachi Matsumoto

British version

[[File:r__geoguy_by_neondevianart-dake0le.png|thumb|The result Of Geo Guy, Geoguy wears 3d glasses at London

Memorable Quotes

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Memorable Catchphrases

Main article: Geo Guy/Catchphrases


Geo Guy appears in nearly every episode, comic, video game, movies. The only episode he does not appear nor is mentioned is "The Cure of Santed Sailor". No additional appearances need to be mentioned, nor do lack of appearances in media that are part of the current series.


Flipnote Hatena

Geoshea has an Hatena ID called "GeosheaForever2000"

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  • Geo Guy is bilingual, able to speak both English and Spanish fluently.
  • Geo Guy made a cameo appearance in Green Bob, one where he struggles to find a parking space, and another where Green Bob running like sonic and Green Bob bumps into a metallic bin near his and he remarks, "Smooth, WildBoy".
  • Geo Guy was originally supposed to have fingerless gloves, but they were later removed.
  • Geo Guy's Japanese design is more rounded, with his face being curved and smaller to appeal to a Japanese audience.


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