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George "Geo Guy" GoGo Conner, better known as Geo Guy, originally planned to be Neo Guy, known in Japan as Jiogai (ジオガイ), is the main protagonist in Geo's World. he is leader of the trio (Geo Guy, Green Bob and Dr. Beanson) and he is 13 years old. He was born on November 29, 1986. He is Green Bob's best friend and Dr. Beanson's cousin. Like Dr. Beanson, Geo Guy likes to think of good schemes. He also lives in Greeny City. He likes cheese. He also likes Chip from Punic Circle. His voice is Geo G., and his voice in Japanese was Sachi Matsumoto.

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"Goodbye to Geo's World" is the series finale of Geo's World. It was aired on June 5, 2013.

Geo Guy reads the newspaper and is shocked when he discovers that the workers of the show are going to replace him with a new character, called Donald Guy. He rushes to the Geo TV studio and tries to persuade them to maintain his appearance in the show, but the workers state that Geo Guy is "getting old." Luckily, Dr. PBS and Green Bob make a wise decision to assist Geo Guy in proving that he still belongs on the show.

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Geo's World - Going to the Movies

Geo's World - Going to the Movies


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Geo's 6th Movie Theatrical release poster (Copied the TW MM Poster)


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