Geo's World: Bob Beanson's Rampage, known in Europe as Geo's World: Bob Beanson's Revenge known in Japan as Geo's World: The Greatest Adventure Ever! (ジオの世界:史上最高のアドベンチャー! Jio no sekai: Shijō saikō no adobenchā! lit. "Adventure of the best ever: World of Geo!"), is a platform game published by Activision, (Konami in Japan) or (THQ in Super Game Boy and Game Boy Color) and Developed by Traveler's Tales or Tiertex Design Studios for the PlayStation, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy.

The game was released on Game Boy on April 9, 1998, for PlayStation on June 9, 1998, for Nintendo 64 on December 18, 1998, for PC with Windows on August 8, 1998 (North America only) for July 15, 1998, Dreamcast on September 9, 1999 (as a launch title) and for Game Boy Color on July 5, 2000.

Geo's World: Bob Beanson's Rampage is the 6th game in the Geo's World video game series.


Geo's World: Bob Beanson's Rampage is a platform game and the gameplay flows in a similar manner to Geo's 1st Movie, which the player can play as Geo Guy, the main protagonist from the show. He had several moves which were running, jumping, attacking with his slingshot, picking up things (such as coins), growing Bloo and plants, throwing Bloo and plants, Using a butt-bouncing, swinging and sliding. In the game, the player must collect all red coins.


Set after the events of the episode "Crazy", Bob Beanson had a plan to kidnapped Green Bob and destroy Geo Guy. He needs to fight Bob out of the world and saved Green Bob and the world will be saved.


Development of Geo's World: Bob Beanson's Rampage began in March 1997. As the rest of the Pixar team were working on Geo's 1st Movie, THQ, Activision and Disney announced that they had entered an agreement that would enable Disney Interactive to publish a Geo's World game for another platform game. The Sega Saturn was originally included alongside the Dreamcast in the deal. The rest of the team began work on Geo's World: Bob Beanson's Rampage as well before the release of Geo's World: Bob Beanson's Rampage, Traveler's Tales felt they had to create a unique character for it. Before the main development of Geo's World: Bob Beanson's Rampage, Activision confirmed the idea with Disney Interactive, and after showing them a character they dubbed "Boxman" to demonstrate their animation engine, they came up with Geo's World: Bob Beanson's Rampage.

The game was in development for almost one year, and throughout this time numerous changes were made to almost every aspect of the game, while the various engines used in the game were all tweaked to optimize their performance. The engine tweaks allowed Geo's World: Bob Beanson's Rampage to have no loading times or fogging and be able to display high quality textures in a seamless, multi-level world.

The Nintendo 64 version of Geo's World: Bob Beanson's Rampage was announced by Disney Interactive on August 14, 1998. The Nintendo 64 version features reduced loading times and improved graphics that take advantage of the Nintendo 64's console's more powerful hardware.


Bob's Beanson's Rampage was well received. It received a 6.2 out of 5 from Official PlayStation Magazine. IGN gave the game a 9.8 out of 10, praising the sound, graphical style, and gameplay, saying, "While it's generic collect, jump, and kill mechanics, the variety and general Geo's World zaniness keep things fresh".

The game has won numerous awards, including the Kid's Choice Award for Best Video Game of the Year, and entered the Greatest Hits for the PlayStation.


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